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Dear potential customer,

When we decided to found Triber we were comfortable.

We worked in a digital marketing agency with good clients and on exciting projects. And we had good positions: Pedro was CEO, Filipe Carvalho Head of Data & Performance, Filipe Silva Head of eCommerce and Mário Melo Head of Digital Products.

But even in the middle of a pandemic we decided to leave that comfort aside and put our knowledge, experience and irreverence at the service of a new brand: Triber.

With this step, we give a signal to other companies - and potential clients - that, with boldness and knowledge, it is possible to build innovative and differentiating projects. It is possible to choose the digital channels and create the right messages to position ourselves in the market with renewed energy.

Around here, at Triber, we will use digital to help define and implement your brand strategy. With clear objectives. With defined goals. With well measured results. And with a lot of creativity.

Because only then can we create brands that the world loves.

We look forward to working with you.

See you soon,

Pedro Girão

Filipe Carvalho

Filipe Silva

Mário Melo

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